Rangers protect us from off leash dogs!

(John OHara) #1

This is the petition that Nextdoor censored. It was started after a pair of dogs attacked a small dog named Daisy on Montara State Beach.

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(John OHara) #2

This is the link that was deleted by Nextdoor the other day.

It was a link to KQED’s Forum show episode on the GGNRA dog management plan.

You can see the link here on Coastsider.

(John OHara) #3

Another Dog attack today in Montara. This time on the Alpaca’s.

(John OHara) #4

Over a hundred people have signed this petition. Let’s get help with this problem.

(John OHara) #5

I spoke to Chad Marin the new Deputy Chief Ranger that will be covering Montara. He really wants to get the word out that they want the Park to be safe for all to enjoy. If you see off-leash behavior in the park call him.

415 289-3137
24 hours a day dispatch (415) 561-5505

(John OHara) #6

I hand delivered our petition last night to Christine Lehnertz, General Superintendent of the GGNRA.