Agenda for Wednesday Sep 9, 2015 Midcoast Community Council Regular meeting

Granada Community Services District, 504 Avenue Alhambra, 3rd Floor, El Granada

Call to Order (7:00)

  1. Board of Supervisors’ Report and Reports from other Government Officials

  2. Public Comment & Announcements (Members of the public may speak up to 3 minutes on any topic not on the agenda. Please fill out a speaker slip. The Council may not discuss or take action on items not on the agenda.)

  3. Consent Agenda (Items generally approved as a group without discussion, unless requested to be moved to Regular Agenda for discussion)
    a. Approve Minutes for August 26, 2015
    b. Approve Treasurer’s 2014-2015 Financial report

  4. Regular Agenda – The Council may take action on the following items:
    a. (7:15) Letter to Department of Public Works in regards to LED streetlights – (Johnson). Letter requesting lower intensity LED streetlights, and process for requesting shields. You can read the letter here, and the history and earlier comments are here.

Desired outcome: MCC will approve letter to DPW.

  1. Council Activity – Correspondence received & meetings attended.

  2. Future Agendas
    (TBD, originally Sep 9) - Midcoast Highway 1 crossings preferred alternatives. This will be rescheduled when the preferred alternatives documents are ready.
    Sep 23 (tentative) - Community Choice Energy Update, Parallel Trail southern segment design/alignment (County workshop).
    Oct 14 (tentative): Connect the Coastside (County presentation)
    Nov 11 – Sister Cities program presentation

Adjournment (8:00)

NOTE: The Council reserves the right to re-order the agenda. All
indicated start times are estimates. Agenda item supporting
documents are available 72 hours in advance of meetings at

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LED Demonstration Streetlight Update

New demonstration amber LED streetlights are installed at 6th & Main in Montara, and on Portola Ave across from the Post Office in El Granada.

The new streetlights are dimmer than the previous demonstration streetlights, but slightly brighter than the planned lights (due to an availability issue with the dimmer model requested by MCC).

The amber LED streetlight in Moss Beach, just south of the Post Office was not changed, so that residents can compare new and previous, if they wish.

Please send feedback on the new amber LED demonstration streetlights to the MCC at

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