Alternatives to Comcast for Internet access?

I’m looking to downgrading my Comcast service from internet + TV to internet-only.

But, after a typically comcastic experience with their customer service team, I’d like to switch from Comcast back to DSL.

Is anyone here using Surflink? What has your experience been? It looks like they’re in the performance range of Comcast’s data-only plans and include telephone service and the added benefit of not dealing with one of the most hated companies in America.

I’m interested in hearing Coastsiders’ experiences either way with Surflink, AT&T DSL, or Comcast – specially in Montara/Moss Beach.

After a really frustrating call with Comcast, I’ve decided to go with Surflink and cancel Comcast.

I’m not canceling Comcast until I’ve run it side-by-side with Surflink and I’m satisfied it’s meeting our needs. I’ll report back when I have some information.

I ordered Surflink from Coastside Net, and @Rob Genovesi came out an installed it yesterday.

With their two-line service, we’re now getting a solid 24 Mbps which is the roughly the average performance we’ve been getting from Comcast. Here’s our chart from That flat line at the end which I circled, tracking the global average, is our Surflink performance. As you can see, Comcast was usually higher, but super-variable, dropping as low as 2 Mbps!

The economics look good, too. Because this replaces our $50/mo AT&T service (unlimited long distance, plus a bunch of other features) as well, it looks like this.

AT&T + Comcast = $50 + $120 = $170/mo

Surflink = $75/mo

Net Savings = $95/mo

What we don’t get is regular TV service, which we’re not really using, so no big loss. The Comcast cost/month is approximate, because I don’t have a clue what special deals are in effect, how long they last, or when the next price increase will happen.

UPDATE: @rob noted in email that my calculation doesn’t include taxes and equipment charges that bring their price up to $97/mo with two lines. It’s nice dealing with a local company.

Also, I just canceled Comcast and they quoted me yet another price for data only. As far as I can tell, there is no set price for Comcast services. They are entirely arbitrary.