Gray Whale Cove History


I was wondering if anyone knew about the history of Gray Whale Cove as a nude beach. I remember seeing an old tshirt that was sold at the stand there that had a picture of a whale jumping out of the water with gray whale cove in the background. I would love to have a copy of that image or learn more about it if anyone knows anything?

When I was a young law enforcement officer, patrolling the coast, there was a bar on the flat shelf area above the beach, using the current paved pathway. There was no parking lot across the highway as there is now.
The beach was always a nudist beach, way back then in the 1960’s. Never knew where it derived it’s name from. The other nudist beach was just north of San Gregorio beach. I used to get calls about vehicle break ins from that beach, but not from Grey Whale Cove.