Midcoast Community Council AGENDA for Wednesday Oct 14, 2015, 7PM

AGENDA for Wednesday Oct 14, 2015 Regular meeting, 7:00 pm
Granada Community Services District, 504 Avenue Alhambra, 3rd Floor, El Granada
Call to Order (7:00)

  1. Board of Supervisors’ Report and Reports from other Government Officials
  2. Public Comment & Announcements (Members of the public may speak up to 3 minutes on any
    topic not on the agenda. Please fill out a speaker slip. The Council may not discuss or take action on items not on the agenda.)
  3. Consent Agenda (Items generally approved as a group without discussion, unless requested to be
    moved to Regular Agenda for discussion)
    a. Approve Minutes for September 23, 2015
    b. Approve Minutes for October 8, 2015 Special Meeting
    4 . Regular Agenda – The Council may take action on the following items:
    a. (7:15) Connect the Coastside – Briefing on an Alternative Development Forecast and
    Alternative Transportation Standards. NOTE: There will be a County Public Workshop on this issue on Oct 22, 6:30 pm, at Cypress Meadows.
    Desired outcome: Community is informed.
    b. (8:15) Recommend Applicant for MCC Vacancy – (Olson). Continued from October 8, 2015 Meeting.
    Desired outcome: Council votes to recommend one applicant for the vacancy to the Board of Supervisors.
    c. (8:30) Letter to DPW on Princeton parking and crosswalk – (Ketcham). Follow up
    to informal discussions with DPW with respect to non-permitted non-parking zone, and nearby crosswalk on Capistrano Rd.
    Desired outcome: Approve Letter
  4. Council Activity – Correspondence received & meetings attended.
  5. Future Agendas
    Nov 11 – Sister Cities program presentation
    Adjournment (8:45)
    NOTE: The Council reserves the right to re-order the agenda. All indicated start times are estimates. Agenda item supporting documents are available 72 hours in advance of meetings at www.MidcoastCommunityCouncil.org
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@daveolsonmcc, thanks for posting.

What’s the “non-permitted non-parking zone, and nearby crosswalk on Capistrano Rd.”?

cc @lisaketcham

See the letter on the MCC website. Basicly, the curb was painted red to prevent parking without a permit, in some sections near the Oceano Hotel (DPW is aready talking to the property owner).

We’re also requesting that the flashing light pedestrian crossing have the lights turned off or removed, and that the crosswalk be changed to a similar style to that in front of Barbara’s Fishtrap.